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There is no denying the beauty and romance inspired by railroading, just as there is no denying the heartfelt satisfaction and rewarding experience of a good hobby. Each small part comes together in a most satisfying way, in the same way a writer gathers words into paragraphs to tell the ultimate story. Aster Hobby Co., Inc. Yokohama, Japan will invite you to enjoy with us the fulfillment of building, operating or simply viewing the gauge one live steam locomotives. It may provide the lifestyle that you have been seeking.


2015/11/24 new model information up dated
2015/11/19 Aster You-tube up dated Check!
2015/10/02 FEF-3 updated.
(RTR version is Available)
2015/02/01 Baldwin B1 is sold out completely.
Rebuilt Merchant NavyRebuilt Merchant Navy, JNR9600, SNCF 241P, B-Shay, JNR B20 & BR52 War Gray and DB version = sold out
2014/08/25 Sorry to delay English Manual for RMN.
This is the key point of Assembly from Japaneseversion
2014/08/08 End of production: Track side pump(sold out)
2014/07/29 3rd Test on track The pilot UP844
2013/09/20 Start Delivery "new UPP Water tank car"
2012/05/22 O-RING for KRAUSS GAS INLET