LMS Improved Precedent Class 2-4-0 ( Sold Out)

The ∑Jumbos∏ of the London & North Western Railway

The LNWR ∑Jumbos∏ were among the most famous British steam engines of the nineteenth century. They were not only capable of high speeds but regularly hauled heavy loads in relation to their small size, and so they well deserved their nickname.
They were designed by F.W.Webb, and 166 of them were built at Crewe Works between 1887 and 1901. Known officially as the ∑Improved Precedent∏ class, they were developed from John Ramsbottom∏s Newton Class of 1866-73.
One of the most famous ∑Jumbos∏ was No.790 Hardwicke. During the ∑Races to the North∏ in 1895, it set a record which was to last for almost forty years. Hauling the west coast train from Crewe to Carlisle, it covered the 141 miles of hilly road, including four miles of 1 in 75 Shap Summit, at an average speed of 67 1/4 mph, and achieved speeds over 90 mph. It is now preserved in the National Railway Museum, York England
Even more famous in its day was No.955 Charles Dickens. This engine worked the 8:30am express from Manchester to London Euston and the 4pm return for twenty years and so covered more than 2 million miles, a record that has never been broken by any other British steam engine.
Aster has chosen to model these two famous engines as they were in the late nineteenth century, in the famous blackberry black livery of the LNWR. They are a fitting companion to the model of the famous east-coast engine, the Stirling Single, produced in 1996. After the grouping of 1923, when the LNWR became part of the LMS, four ∑Jumbos∏ were painted in LMS crimson red. Aster has chosen to model LMS No.5036 Novelty in red livery and No.25001 Snowdon, which has the last surviving ∑Jumbo∏ in plain black livery, as it was when scrapped in 1934.

Some pictures from Southern Steam Trains USA

Scale/Gauge 1/32, Gauge one (45mm) 
Weight 2.9kg. (Engine 1.7 kg + Tender 0.9 kg) 
Length 457mm (Engine 252mm + Tender 195mm) 
Width 74mm 
Height 125mm 
Wheel Arrangement 2-4-0 
Driving Wheel 63mm 
Pilot and Trailer Truck Wheel 34mm 
Tender Truck Wheel 34mm 
Axle Driven Pump mounted 
Cylinder 2 Cylinders  Bore 12mm ∵ Stroke 20mm 
Valve Gear Slip Eccentric 
Boiler Type C Type with 5 Fire Tubes 
Water Capacity 80cc at 80% full 
Boiler Fittings Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge,Water Gauge, Regulator and Blower Valve, 
Lubricator Roscoe Displacement Type  
Tender Hand Pump Mounted 
Water Tank Capacity
160 cc 
Methyl Alcohol 
Fuel Capacity 65cc 
Minimum Radius 1m