USRA Light Mikado

Acccuraft E-Store

Scale/Gauge Gauge 1(45mm) 1/32 
Weight 7.5kg(engine 5.5kg + tender 2kg) 
Length 770 mm (engine 454 mm + tender 304 mm)  
Width 102 mm  
Height 164.8 mm  
Wheel Arrangement 2 - 8 - 2 Mikado∈1D1∷  
Driving Wheel 50 mm (cast iron with full equalized) 
Pilot and Trailer Truck Wheel 26 mm 34 mm  
Tender Truck Wheel 26 mm 
Axle Driven Pump Bore / Stroke 6 x 5 mm  
Cylinder 2 cylinders, Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm  
Valve Gear Walschaert (lever type reverse)  
Boiler Type Smoke tube type (B type) 
Water Capacity 400 cc at 70% full  
Boiler Fittings 2 x safety valves, water gauge, pressure gauge,throttle and blower valves,by-pass valve, blow-down valve, 
Lubricator Roscoe displacement type  
Tender Hand operation pump ∈BORE 11 mm ∵ STROKE 12 mm) with kingston valve 
Water Tank Capacity
500 cc 
Methylated alcohol 
Fuel Capacity 300cc at 80% full  
Minimum Radius R2m