BR Standard Class 9F - No. 92220

*The photo is our pilot model. Tender from the Battle of Britain class.

Scale/Gauge 1/32 
Length 627 mm ( Engine 398 mm + Tender 229mm∷ 
Width 86 mm 
Height 125 mm 
Wheel Arrangement 2-10-0(DECAPO) 
Driving Wheel φ46.8 mm 
Pilot and Trailer Truck Wheel φ28 mm(Leading Truck Wheel) 
Tender Truck Wheel  
Axle Driven Pump Bore 5mm X Stroke 6mm 
Cylinder 2 Cylinders with Piston Valves/Steam Port φ2 X 6 & Drain Valve Boreφ13 mm X Stroke 22 mm 
Valve Gear Walchaert, Valve travel 6 mm, Cut off 75% (full gear) 
Boiler Type C type with φ8 mm water tube 
Water Capacity Water 255 cc at 80% full 
Boiler Fittings Regulator Valve, Blower Valve, Reverser Handle, Drain Valve Handle, By-pass Valve, 2 X Safety valves, Blow-down valve, Water Gauge, Pressure Gauge, and Super heater 
Lubricator Roscoe Displacement Type 
Tender Hand pump mounted 
Water Tank Capacity
Methylated alcohol 
Fuel Capacity 180 cc(Removable alcohol tank) 
Minimum Radius 2 m