Type20 coach∈JNR Bluetrain)

The position of coupler is as same height as Kedee 829 gauge.

*Sleeper(NAHANE 20) :no interior,no sheet & bed,no light
*Power source car(KANI 21):no interior,no light
*Observation car(NAHANEFU):interior light, sheet & bed, tail light, board light

Blue Trains in Japan are long-distance sleeper trains, nicknamed as such for the color of the train cars. They consist of Type 20-, 14- or 24-series sleeper cars, and currently run on six routes connecting major destinations within Japan across long distances, other routes being served by a fleet of newer limited-express sleeper trains which are not blue.
The first Blue Train was known as the "Asakaze". It ran between Hakata and Tokyo beginning in 1956; air-conditioned cars were added two years later. As was the case with sleeper train services in other parts of the world, the Blue Trains acquired a romantic aspect and, at the peak of their popularity in the late 1970s, appeared in many novels. They were often described as "hotels on the move."

Scale/Gauge 1/30 Gauge one (45 mm) 
Weight (sleeper)2.5-(observation)4.0kg 
Wheel Arrangement TR55(JNR standard bogie) 
Driving Wheel insulated 
Pilot and Trailer Truck Wheel  
Tender Truck Wheel  
Axle Driven Pump  
Valve Gear  
Boiler Type  
Water Capacity  
Boiler Fittings  
Water Tank Capacity
2 X 9V BATTERY(Observation) 
Fuel Capacity  
Minimum Radius 2m