K.P.E.V. P8

KIT¨JPY470,000/€3883(5kits available∷
RTR:Sold out
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Scale/Gauge 1/32, Gauge one (45 mm) 
Weight 5.6g. (Engine 4.0 + Tender 1.6 kg.) 
Length 588 mm 
Width 142 mm 
Height 98 mm  
Wheel Arrangement 4-6-0 10 Wheeler(2C) 
Driving Wheel Dia. 54 mm ECCENTRIC CAM for axle pump 
Pilot and Trailer Truck Wheel  
Tender Truck Wheel Dia.31.2mm  
Axle Driven Pump Axle Driven Pump mounted on the main driver (bore 5 mm x ram stroke 6 mm.) 
Cylinder 2 cylinders, Bore 13 mm x Stroke 20 mm 
Valve Gear Walschaert 
Boiler Type Smoke Tube Type 
Water Capacity 240 cc at 70% full 
Boiler Fittings  
Lubricator Roscoe displacement type 
Tender Water tank hand operation pump mounted 
Water Tank Capacity
Methylated alcohol 
Fuel Capacity 170 cc 
Minimum Radius 2.0 meter