Suction Fan

New variable type coming!
Check performance!

2 types are available
*Normal type for Alcohol fired engine order made
*Powerful Variable type for Coal fired and Big engin to small engine. available now

Cover for battery is magnetic.

USRA Heavy Mikado

USRA Light Mikado

Light Mikado pilot model

Light Mikado prodution model

KIT coach & observation car for Japan National Railway(JNR)

first collaboration KIT & RTR for the domestic market between ASTERHOBBY & Accucraft!

KIT designed by Asterhobby
observation designed by Accucraft
RTR supervised by Asterhobby
Manufactured by Accucraft

Observation = RTR ONLT
Production quantity:KIT coach 150
Observation(RTR):Just 40 units super limited
LED interior light ready(both)
chair and other interior detail fitted(both)