Detail set for EB3/3 Tiger

30set available(3/7/17~)
Detail set for EB3/3 Tiger
* Lantern(S) X2
* Lantern(L) X4
* Lantern stud for front X2
* Lantern base for rear X2
* Dummy Air horse X4
* Number Plate-board X1
(small number is included Standerd kit)

Suction Fan

Normal type OUT OF STOCK,NOW!

2 types are available(out of stock now)
*Normal type for Alcohol fired engine(out of stock)
*Powerful type for Coal fired and Big engine.(out of stock)

Test Roller (Treadmill, 4 axles per package)

Only 20 units available

Golden Arrow detail set

A few sets for SR version are available.(limited)

Stephenson's Valve Gear and Detail kit

Optional kit to upgrade the detail fitting and the valve gear of the Baldwin B1 tank locomotive

Turnout (Right or Left)

R3 curve
Brass & stainless
Spot-weld(No soft soldering)
Just heavy-duty & secure

Straight Track Set (Length 6 meter)