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SNCF 140C 302 (Dabeg)

KIT:Sorry! Sold out
RTR:Sorry Sold out

Type20 coach(JNR Bluetrain)

limited production
Sorry Sold out
Sleeper (Just 100 sets)
Power source car(Just 50 sets)
Observation car(Just 50 sets)

All RTR models (kits not available)

Rebuilt Merchant Navy

Sorry Sold out
100% Made in Japan


Sorry to sell out!

Catalogue / Manual

Catalogue we have only the CD version.
SorryAll Sold out

Circle Track Set (Dia. 6 meter)

SorryAll Sold out

Open Jaw Knuckle Coupler (2 pcs per set)

SorryAll Sold out

The Great Northern Railway class S2

SorryAll Sold out

UP Water tank car #809 &814

All Sorry Sold out

Great Western Railway Castle class

All Sorry Sold out

The difference between King and Castle